Why Rent Villa Laura Marie

Why Rent Villa Laura Marie

  Villa Laura Marie is the perfect getaway  for rest and relaxation . The house gives you the impression of being on a boat while being surrounded by the beauty of nature in the mountains behind.  All this can be

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Why Visit Palermo

Because this city can be an ideal starting point to begin your exploration of Sicily. The capital of Sicily offers in its architecture, atmosphere and flavours the Sicilian melting pot of cultures which includes the Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Moorish and

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Why Visit Sicily

For its 3000 years of history and the traces of different dominations, that include Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spaniards, etc. . For being a very diverse island with a rich offer of artistic, archeological and  cultural sites as well

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About Villa Laura Marie

Villa Laura Marie is an independent villa with a garden and a breathtaking waterfront view. The house is on a cliff overlooking the rocky coast, located in Mongerbino which is 25 Km from Palermo . It has 3 bedrooms, a living room, a dining area, a kitchen and 1 full bathroom. It also has two outdoor dining areas, one on the left side of the house and one on the front. The first one has a sink and awning, while the second one a beautiful view of the Mediterranean sea. There is plenty of indoor and outdoor space to enjoy your vacation and also have your own private space. Free Wi-Fi, satellite Tv, ceiling fans are throughout the house. For year 2020 we added air conditioning in the bedrooms, to have a confortable temperature when it's really hot; we left the living room with a natural ventilation being the cool sea breeze sufficient. The concept of the house is to be in touch with the climate and nature.

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