Delicious Sicilian pastries


Here are two photos taken in Cefalù in a pastry shop near the Duomo .

In one of the photos there is a tray of cannolis  ; this is a typical Sicilian dessert made with tube shaped fried pastry shells cannolis and fresh ricotta ( this means Sicilian ricotta produced the same day ) usually  filled at the moment . In Sicily ricotta is made from sheep milk and you can have the best  in autumn, winter and spring. You can find cannolis in other Italian cities and in other countries but for sure ( I know for a fact ! ) here it’s the best due to the ricotta.

The colored little fruits are Marzipan; we call them also “frutti di Martorana” because they were originally prepared by the nuns of a church in Palermo called the Martorana . Marzipan  is made with almond and what is more typical reshapes into miniature fruits and vegetables. Sicilian desserts are of course really good and always esthetically beautiful.

Cefalù is  worth for sure a visit, but you have also a lot of pastry shops in our area . I would mention for now “Don Gino” and “Bar Ester” in Bagheria; more information in another post.


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