Le vie dei Tesori 2021 – one hundreds sites to visit in October

Le vie dei Tesori 2021 –  one hundreds sites to visit in October

Le vie dei Tesori 2021 – More than one hundreds “tresaures” to visit this October in Palermo. Don’t miss it!

“All of Palermo to experience, from the ground, from the sky, from the sea. There are 87 places to visit, many of which are open for the first time; 26 special experiences; 100 walks; 9 out of town itineraries. And then a festival within the festival, which will animate the theater and music venues. Special visits with tasting. And a new podcast project on the city with ten precious friends of the Festival – academics, art historians, museum directors, scholars, writers – which is a joy to listen to. And again a videomapping that will transform a historic building into a home of wonders. The great party of Palermo is back for the fifteenth year!

This is the description of “Le Vie dei Tesori” that you find on the official website: https://leviedeitesori.com/palermo/

How to explain this sort of festival to our tourists? Consider that Palermo as other Italian art cities has thousands of beautiful sites  not open to the public. Well, every weekend of October ( Friday, Saturday and Sunday ) more than one hundreds sites will be open for a guided tour for a cost of only 1,8 € . It’s a chance to discover what is not in the usual tourist routes doing it together with the citizens of Palermo, walking in the historical center and going from place to place.

October is a perfect time to visit Sicily, the weather is still mild and we wear cotton clothes and sometimes a sweater in the evening.

A landmark in Palermo – the fountain of Piazza Pretoria

piazza pretoria


The fountain of Piazza Pretoria, situated in front of the City hall, can be considered one of the major landmarks of Palermo. Designed by Francesco Camilliani for a Tuscan villa, was brought in our city in 1573. Note its concentric circles and the number of tritons, nymphs, gods and youths. For this abundance of nude statues this square was nicknamed    “Piazza della Vergogna”   ( the Square of Shame ) .


One of the photos and the video are taken last October during “Le Vie dei Tesori” ; during all the weekends of this month more than one hundred sites  ( Palaces, churches, gardens, museums etc. ) are open to the tourists  with guided tours. . For our climate and this opportunity, October is an excellent month to visit Palermo and Sicily.