Sicilian literature – Il Gattopardo ( the Leopard ) and other books

I really like the idea of preparing your trip to Sicily reading a book . We have so many alternatives and also your contribution would be useful . Right now I would begin with a classic for Sicily which is Il Gattopardo ( The Leopard ), here in the list that “Local Italy” has posted of books to read that “will transport you to Italy” . Written by Giuseppe Lanza Tomasi it
“documents the decline of the island’s aristocracy” in this historical novel, “set in the Risorgimento period which led up to the unification of Italy”; this work was published posthumously in 1958.
What is your favourite book written by a Sicilian novelist? Did you ever read something by Pirandello, Sciascia, Bufalino, Camilleri to name a few ?



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