Sicilian literature – Il Gattopardo ( the Leopard ) and other books

I really like the idea of preparing your trip to Sicily reading a book . We have so many alternatives and also your contribution would be useful . Right now I would begin with a classic for Sicily which is Il Gattopardo ( The Leopard ), here in the list that “Local Italy” has posted of books to read that “will transport you to Italy” . Written by Giuseppe Lanza Tomasi it
“documents the decline of the island’s aristocracy” in this historical novel, “set in the Risorgimento period which led up to the unification of Italy”; this work was published posthumously in 1958.
What is your favourite book written by a Sicilian novelist? Did you ever read something by Pirandello, Sciascia, Bufalino, Camilleri to name a few ?



Flash mob at airport Falcone Borsellino in Palermo

To welcome people coming in Palermo for Christmas a music association organized a flash mob with players and dancers at airport Falcone Borsellino. Enjoy it, feel part of this feeling and come to Sicily!
P.S. the piano is really always there at arrivals and departures for whoever wants to use it

#Palermo Si balla… Il flash mob organizzato con l’associazione Swing & Shot #aeroporto

Geplaatst door Aeroporto Internazionale di Palermo "Falcone Borsellino" op zaterdag 23 december 2017