Sicily Videos

VISIT SICILY – The official web site of “Regione Siciliana”. It contains a lot of suggestions for your trip to Sicily and beautiful photos of our island . Written in Italian and English

LE MERAVIGLIE DELLA SICILIA – For its photos and elegant design I consider this so far my favorite web site about Sicily. It has been created by Per-Erik Skramstad, who is a Norwegian web developer, editor, and author, lover of our island .

CIAO PALERMO – MAX VERSTAPPEN E LA SUA RED BULL IN CITTA’ – I can not resist to this beautiful video of Verstapppen F1. In it “Dutch F1 driver Max Verstappen discovers the Sicilian capital and its iconic sites, from the Ballarò market to Mondello Beach, before reaching the Italian Grand Prix in an unconventional way”. Discover our city by this video! And come in Sicily this year!


DISCOVER THE BEAUTIFUL SICILY  – A really beautiful video about Sicily in 3’07”


LA PUBBLICITA’ DELL’AMARO AVERNA – This is advertising, but it’s quick, beautiful and  colorful !


UN BEL VIDEO DA VOLOTEA SU PALERMO E IL SUO CIBO – Sponsored by “Volotea” a pleasant video of 3 minutes  about Palermo and its food with some images of the city’s monuments. In capital letters are written the Sicilian words for the different kinds of food, and at the bottom the Italian translation for them.

If you want to begin to build a Sicilian vocabulary …


NEL CUORE DELLA SICILIA – A short video that describes the internal part of Sicily – Another evidence of how diverse is our region. Put it in full screen !


A SPASSO PER IL CIBO DI STRADA – From “Walking travel” a video about street food in Ballarò, one of the street markets of Palermo.


A SPASSO NELLA GASTRONOMIA SICILIANA – Paul Hollywood visits the historic Sicilian capital of Palermo and discovers its rich street culture. He explores Arabic influenced food markets selling local specialities and learns the secret of making perfect, crispy and creamy cannoli. The video is in English and lasts for 45 minutes but is worth while if you want to have an idea of some Sicilian delicacies like Cannolis and  Cassata and street foods like arancinas etc.


LA PUBBLICITA’ DI DOLCE E GABBANA REALIZZATA A VILLA VALGUARNERA – Here is the advertising by Dolce and Gabbana, shot by Giuseppe Tornatore, with music by Ennio Morricone and Sofia Loren. The mansion you see is villa Valguarnera in Bagheria.


UNA PASSEGGIATA PER PALERMO – In this 17 minutes video from “The Global Expats” a general and quick idea of some monuments and streets of Palermo. Easy and enjoyable!