Mondello – the favourite beach for the city

Mondello. by Groucho

In this beautiful image ( by Groucho on Flick-r ) you see Mondello. This beautiful beach very close to Palermo is the easiest place where you can go to breathe sea air and swim even in Spring and Autumn. We consider it a part of the city, the perfect place for a walk for us, the Sicilians, used to enjoy being by the sea. With its ArtNoveau villas and pier Mondello has always a certain charm ; a big part of the beach is private but it’s possible to rent at a reasonable price loungers and umbrellas . The clear sand creates this limpid turquoise water that you can find all year except only for July and August when too many people use the beach.
This beach is at 41 Km from Villa Laura Marie and at 10 Km from the center of Palermo.

The link to this image on Flick-R is :  Mondello by Groucho on Flick-R