Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and condition that regulate the renting of our house and that will be filled with all the information and signed by the owner and the tenant



The advertiser :

The Tenant :


  • Rental object

The Advertiser lets the following property (rental object) to the Tenant:

Villa Laura Marie which is an independent and fenced house facing the sea with garden, a parking for two cars inside the gate, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. The house is completely available for you on the weeks we mentioned. The house can host a maximum of 5 people, including children and doesn’t host animals.

The address of the house is: via Francesco Paolo Perez # ——  – 90011 Bagheria ( PA )

 The rental property is a non-smoking property, it is of course possible to smoke in the terrace and in the garden.

You will find in the house a free wired and wireless internet  connection and a telephone enabled for local calls and 800 numbers ( free numbers useful for using national and international calling cards ) . You can freely use the telephone to place and  receive your calls. A device amplifies the cellular phones signal inside the house and ease the reception .

2          Rental period, arrival and departure

(1)           The rental property is let to the Tenant from _________________ (arrival date)  until _______________

(departure date).

(2)           The arrival time on the arrival day is  after 3.00 p.m. – we encourage doing the check-in between 3.00 and 4.00 p.m.

 The departure time on the day of departure is 10.00 a.m.

The villa is usually rented  from saturday to Saturday ;  it is anyway  possible to postpone  the check-in

( for example doing it on sunday ) or to move up the check out ( for example doing it on friday ).

At the end of the rental period the Tenant is to vacate the property and return the keys to the Advertiser or the Advertiser’s agent.

At the end of the rental period the Tenant should leave the property in similar condition to that in which it was found.  Any additional cleaning costs incurred by the Advertiser may be passed on to the Tenant at their sole discretion.

 3          Rental price and payment methods

The rental price is  €   ________________     per week  for the duration of the rental period

The price is calculated for 2-3 people . For groups or families of 4-5 people you will add € 80,00 for each week to be paid cash at the arrival.

The final cleaning has a cost of € 60,00 and can be  paid cash at the arrival if not already included in the price by Home Away; bed linen and towels ( a set of three towels for each guest ) will be provided.

We will offer to guests that rent the house for 2 or more weeks a complete cleaning ( made usually on Saturday )  and the change of bed linen and towels for a cost of € 30,00.

The final cost will be _________________________________________________________

 The cost of electricity is included from May to September. In March, April and October 80 Kw for week are free ( this is usually more than the average quantity that you use ), while a surplus will be paid at the cost price ( € 0,30 for each KW ).

The amount is payable by the following payment methods:

1) Directly to the owner  

40% on the moment you reserve the house by a money order to our account on “Banca  Intesa – San Paolo”

Or using Pay-Pal

60% two weeks before your arrival ( by a money order or Pay-Pal ) ; if agreed cash the same day of your arrival.

A deposit of  200,00 euro will be  paid  on arrival and will be refunded in cash on departure if it didn’t occur any damage .

4          Cancellation and early termination

(1)           If the Tenant terminates this contract before the arrival date and doesn’t name a replacement that accepts the same terms, they are responsible for paying the following penalty fees to cover costs (excluding cleaning), as long as a further rental is not possible:


  • up to 49 days before rental period: 60 % of rental price
  • up to 35 days before rental period: 65 % of rental price
  • up to 21 days before rental period: 70 % of rental price
  • up to 14 days before rental period: 90 % of rental price
  • Less than 14 days before rental period:                100 % of rental price.

Anyway if the owner succeed at the end in renting the house for the week that was cancelled, will give back to the tenant the 80% of the amount paid by the renter.

If the Tenant terminates their stay before the departure date for any reason, they are still obliged to pay the full rental price.

Termination must be made in writing. The date of termination is considered to be date the document is received by the Advertiser.

5          Liability and responsibilities of the Tenant

(1)           The rental property including the furniture and the other contents are to be treated with care. The Tenant is held responsible for the actions of other people, including any guests or visitors they might have, within the house. The Tenant is liable for any damaged goods, damage to the property or damage to anything else related to the property  whether caused by themselves or their accompanying guests or visitors.

(2)           Faults that are found before or during the rental period are to be reported to the Advertiser immediately.

6          Contract wording and clause

Changes and alterations to this contract are required to be in writing.

If any of the legal requirements set out in this contract are inoperative or impractical, or become so after completion of the contract, the effectiveness of the remainder of the contract will not be affected.

This contract relates to the law of  ITALY

_____________________,             _______________            _____________________              ___________________

(Town)                                                                 Date                                      Signature Tenant

_____________________,             _______________            _________________________________________

(Town)                                                                 Date                                      Signature Advertiser